2022, The Recruiting Rollercoaster

Recruiting is up, it’s down… or is it up? 🎢

Katrina Collier
4 min readDec 1, 2022


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While the press is focused on the doom & gloom that sells newspapers, or talking about companies demanding people return to the office, maybe to help rich building-owning-landlord-clients or because they idolise autocratic leaders, we sit confused. Who knows what is fact.

Like you my LinkedIn feed contains news of layoffs. Respectful layoffs; disrespectful layoffs. There are even analyses of layoffs. And there are layoffs that will negatively impact the future hiring of those companies for years to come. Because layoffs don’t last forever. Companies do bounce back. They will need to recruit again.

But I said this last newsletter, my feed is still full of TA & HR leaders getting jobs. Lots of them. Maybe I see more because I react to these posts but I am seeing people starting jobs. And maybe it’s because my network is global so I see other countries still thriving. 🤷‍♀️

Establish fact

Wherever you are on the recruiting rollercoaster, you can find the truth for your industry and your niche. You talk to candidates day in, day out. You know if they’re inundated with offers or a dime-a-dozen. You know if they’re holding their ground and still demanding hybrid or remote. You know how many people engage and how many do not.

If you don’t, start talking to more people… listen more!

Ask candidates how they’re finding the market, ask employees if they’re still receiving the same level of approaches. Heck, even ask your managers. Get your head out of the doom & gloom feed and ask questions. Gather intel… you’re going to need it.

You need it because your hiring managers are reading the same doom & gloom and anytime now they could start messing around. They could start believing it’s their market again. And maybe in some sectors this could be the case but for most it won’t be, even with more people available.

(If you’re a recruiter who has been recently laid off, there are recession proof industries. Some even thrive. Get Googling.)

The Internet

Having started in recruitment before the impact of the internet, I have seen the power…



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